Gorgeous Victorian Heart: pillow pattern



12'' high and 11 1/2'' wide


Glossy quality crochet cotton (or use fil d'Escosse) size 20, about 165 yds in all, divided thus: about 125 yds white and about 40 yds pastel green, plus small amount pale pink. Steel crochet hook US size 9 (1.25 mm) or size for gauge


First 5 rounds of flower are 1 5/8" in diameter.

Additional stitches

Double triple crochet - dtr: Yo 3 times, pull up lp in st, yo and work off lps on hook 2 by 2. Triple triple crochet - trtr: Yo 4 times, complete same as dtr.

To MakeFlower

Ch 10 using pale pink and join with sl st in first ch to form ring. RNDS 1-8: Work following diagram (note: ch 1 at beg of rnds starting with sc does not count as first sc). To work ch lps on rnd 4, fold petal on rnd 3 toward you and insert hook for sl sts in sc on rnd 2; similarly, work sc of rnd 6 in sl sts on rnd 4. At end of rnd 8, fasten off (see black wedge).

Leaf border

With pastel green, form 1 grp of 2 leaves each (for top of flower) and 5 grps of 3 leaves each. Work following pat diagram and refer to the various additional symbols.

Inner border

With white, work rnds mirror-fashion on each side of midline. In the course of rnd 2, work, 2-dc clusters - cls (= leaving last lp of each st on hook, work 1 dc in ch lp, 1 dc in next ch lp, yo and draw thru all 3 lps on hook) and 2-tr cls (same cluster principle as for 2-dc cls but replace dc with tr), In each ch la on md 4, work: *1 sc, 3 ch and 3 dc*. On round 6, at each side of midline, cluster 1 dc + 1 tr and, at end of rnd, work 2-dc cl then slip-stich to center of 2 nd ch-7 lp. On rnd 7 work ch-7 lps (start first ch lp without sc) but leave last ch 1p of rnd 6 unworked; end this rnd with sl st in center of next-to-last ch lp on rnd 6. Fasten off (see black wedge).

Shell Ring

With pastel green, work shell - sh (= 3 dc, 3 ch, 3 dc) over sh as shown on diagram. At the same time, join inner Tch of sh with sc to ch lps on rnd 7 of Inner Border as shown.

Outer border

RND 1: using white work tr of cls in outer Tch of Shell Ring as shown; join with sl st in top of first cl, turn piece to WS, cont with 1 sl st in last ch lp, turn piece to RS. 
RND 2: Ch 3 (= first tr + first tr of first 2-tr cl), cont with lined "Y's" all around but at point of heart work thus: cluster tr of last "Y" with 1 tr worked in 5-st p at midpoint, (8 ch, sl st in 6th st from hook, 2 ch, leaving last lp of each st on hook work 1 tr in same p as last tr, 1 trtr in dc below, yo and draw thru all 3 lps on hook, cont as per diagram; end rnd thus: leaving last 1p of last tr and of each of next 2 sts on hook cont with 1 dtr in top of 2-dc cl below, 1 tr in 4th st of ch-8 at beg of rnd, yo and draw thru all 3 lps on hook (= 3-st cl made), 8 ch, sl st in 6th st from hook, 2 ch and join rnd with sl st in top of first tr. Fasten off (see black wedge).