Sunflower crochet cardigan

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In our latest blog post, we bring you a pattern that will surely make your creativity shine: a sunflower-themed crochet cardigan! This design combines the versatility of crochet with the beauty of sunflowers, creating a unique and charming garment that is sure to become the centerpiece of your wardrobe.

Our post includes a detailed pattern, both written and graphic, so you can crochet this beautiful cardigan with ease, regardless of your crochet skill level. Additionally, we have prepared exclusive templates that will guide you step by step in creating the sunflower granny squares, ensuring that every detail is perfect.

Whether you're a crochet expert or looking for your next project, this sunflower cardigan is sure to inspire you and allow you to create a unique garment that reflects your personal style. Don't miss out on this exciting post on our "Free Crochet Pattern" blog and start crocheting today!

Level of difficulty:

Size: 6


Circulo Yarns - Charme

  • 2 balls color #8001 white
  • 1 ball color #7684 porcelain
  • 1 ball color #7030 mustard
  • 1 ball color #7311 tobacco
  • Crochet hook 3mm or size to obtain gauge.
  • Tapestry needle and scissors

Gauge: 4.5” x 4.5” square using hook 3mm

Stitch glossary and abbreviations

  • stitch: st
  • make: mk
  • skip: sk
  • chain: ch
  • slip st: sl st
  • single crochet: sc
  • double crochet: dc
  • front post dc: FPdc
  • back post dc: BPdc
  • treble crochet: tr
  • round: rnd

Square - follow chart

Crochet rib - follow chart

Dc mesh - follow chart

Square (make 77)

Crochet in the round. Close rnds with 1 sl st.

Start with color #7311 tobacco Ch 4, close ring and follow chart and this color sequence: 

rnd 1 with tobacco, 

rnd 2 with porcelain, 

rnd 3 with mustard and 

rnd 4 with white.

Join squares in the last round with sc according to the assembly chart.


Once all squares are joined, close sides and sleeves. Join white yarn in the RS of the front and work along both fronts, neckline and back. Work in dc mesh - follow chart and then make 3 rnds in Crochet Rib - follow chart. Fasten off and weave in ends.

Cuffs - join white yarn, work in dc mesh - follow chart, and then work in Crochet rib - follow chart up to 2.75”. Fasten off and weave in ends.

 Sunflower cardigan

Created by Rosely Biolada

Pattern review: Patty Wolf

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