Nice market shawl in crochet with triangle motifs

Triangle is made of nine morifs joined to form large triangle. Each motif is worked in joined rounds with RS facing at all times. Do not turn are befinning of rounds.
Each side of rectangle is worked separately in turned rows then joined and worked to bottom edge. Large tiangle is then joined to rectangle piece.


Motif: make 9
With middle-size hook, 5 chains. Join with sl st in first ch first ch to form ring.
Round1: begin 3 dc Cl in ring (ch 5, 3-dc Cl in ring, ch 3, 3-dc Cl in ring) twice, ch 5, 3-dc Cl in ring, ch 3; join with sl st in top fo first Cl--6 3-dc cls, 3 ch-5sps and 3 ch-3 sps.

Source: Crochet today