While browsing on Instagram this morning, I found this wonderful Apache Tears Stitch design and... I love it!


I like to discover works of art woven with crochet and I keep them in my public profile of Instagram.  It is my way of visiting the world through hand weaving and make known that anyone who loves crochet and knitting can knit more than a scarf ☺

So today I found this great creation that, to complete its beauty, brings a free pdf pattern so that everyone can do it (thank you #martinupnorth!)

The cushion is crocheted with 7 color threads and and it is necessary to follow a geometric pattern to form the desired figure. You can draw your own pattern and create new designs.

The beautifull stitch is "Apache Tears Stitch", you can learn how to crochet in this video of Crochet Lovers

Source: martinupnorthblog.wordpress.com, Crochet Lovers in YouTube