Adorable crochet doily for home decor DIY


Fine Art Crochet


12" in diameter


Glosy quality crochet cotton size 40, in white color or you prefer.
Steel crochet hook US size 12 (0,75 mm) or Size for gauge.


First 3 rounds mensure 1 1/8" in diameter.

To make

Ch 10 and join sl st in first ch to form ring.
Rounds 1-26: Replacing first dc with 3 ch throughout, work dc and ch lps following pattern diagram; join throughout with sl sc in top of ch-3 (= first dc) and, on rounds 4 26, work 1 sl in each of next 3 dc.
Rows 1-13: At end of round 26, do not fasten off, cont with cach point separately working back and forth in rows as shown.


Place completed mat WS facing on flat ironing surface covered with clean white cloth. Stretch to correct size by placing a rustproof pin in each dc of row 13. Cover with damp cloth and  press bringing iron down lightly. Lastly, spray with starch solution. Remove pins when piece is thoroughly dry. 

 Free doily pattern
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By Hatice Cakir - Magic crochet magazine, # 133, 2001