Want to crochet cute roses? enjoy them!

Love this mini rose! It's easy and cute, you can crochet in several colours, and include a lot of mini roses in your crafts.


How to crochet the leaf:

Foundation Row: Ch 11 times

Row 1: Working back down the chain, skip 1 ch and work in 10 ch, sc, 9 hdc, sc in first chain and work up the other side in foundation row. 9 hdc, sc.

Row 2: second row is all sc over the lower row, strart with over last chain, continue with sc 11 and keep goingon the other side with 11 sc. mFinish the petal with ch 3 times sl st to first ch and thread.

Once the leaf is done, you can sew it to bottom of the mini rose - besto location is between two large petals. But it really up the design you are looking for.

How to crochet the mini rose

Follow this diagram!