If you love kitten, you must crochet this


I love this little cat. I found it in an amazing Crochet book by Mitsuki Hoshi. Here some details to know how to knit this lovely kitten.

Materials and tools 

The thinner the yarn you use, the smaller hook size you’ll need. You’ll use a bigger hook to crochet with a thicker yarn.
There are a few types of yarn I don’t recommend that you use. Stay away from cotton (specifically, ‘dishcloth cotton’, but it’s safer to stay away from all cotton until you start to learn your yarns) because it lacks elasticity and will create a stiff finished product. And steer clear of any yarns that feel very slippery to the touch (this is a couple of acrylics, and most bamboo or silk yarns) as they will be difficult to work with.
The most common types of yarn used are acrylic or wool, or a blend of the two. Acrylic has a lot of
advantages: it’s machine washable and people are rarely allergic to it.

Crocheting the cute kitten step-by-step


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Source: Tatiana blog