This is an amazing scarf! let's to knit it



The scarf is worked in the double knitting technique, (see the video tutorial below). The pattern has 65 pairs of stitches and 870 rows, including the selvedge stitches (2+63=65). The pattern repeat (156 rows) corresponds to three roses and is worked five times to get 15 roses (pay special attention at the last repeat, see note below). The triangles of the roses at the scarf’s ends are slightly different, so that the frame of squares fits symmetrically around the roses. Therefore the pattern was split into three parts

A= Start, B1/B2 = The Roses, C = End Cast on 65 stitch pairs and work 58 rows of Chart A. For the roses, follow Charts B1/B2 with 156 rows and repeat four more times (see red brackets in chart) to make 15 roses.


Pay special attention: The last repeat stops at row 128 (see the green line in Chart B2, which is the transition to Chart C). Then follow Chart C which has 60 rows. Cast off, weave in the ends and block the scarf. I used a lace weight cashmere/merino/silk yarn and 2.0 mm needles. The final size after blocking was 210 cm x 20 cm.

How to knit double knitting technique

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Source and designer: This design is inspired by the work of Glasgow Art Nouveau artist and architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh. It features his classic roses and squares. I was asked if this pattern could be published, so I decided to share it for non-commercial use under the Creative Commons license. Please enjoy the pattern and remember to acknowledge me as the pattern creator. Any feedback is much appreciated.  © Andreas Banholzer