Weave a crocheted blouse with circular motifs to fit different sizes



Instructions are for Small. Changes in parentheses are for Medium. When only one figure appears, it applies to overall diagram for precise measurements.


Pearl crochet thread 100% cotton size 5 in color of your choice (we used garnet-red), about 760 (950) yards. Steel crochet hook US size 2 (2.00 mm) or SIZE FOR GAUGE.


One motif (=3 rounds) measures about 3 ¼ in diameter. To save time, take time to check gauge

To Make

Motif (63/86 in all): Ch 6 and join with sl st in first ch to form ring.
Rnd 1: replacing first tr with 3 ch, in beg ring work * 3-tr cluster ᑄclᐳ (= leaving last 1 p of each st in hook, work 3 tr in beg ring, yo and draw thru all 4 lps on book), 5 ch, rep from* 5 times more; join with sl st in top of first cl and cont with 1 sl st in each of 2 ch of first ch lp
Rnd 2: Replacing first tr with 3 ch, work 5 tr in 2nd ch of ch lp below, sk next ch, 5 tr in next ch of same ch 1p, 1 ch, rep from * in each remaining ch 1p; join with sl st in top of ch-3 counting as first tr, turn piece to WS cont with 1 sl st in last ch-1 1p, ch e to count as first tr on new rnd and turn piece to RS.
Rnd 3: for rist tr with picot (= 3 ch and 1 sl st in 4th st from hook) work picot in top of ch-3, then complete petal with 6 picoted tr (= * 1 tr in same st as before, 3 ch and 1 sl st in top of tr just made, rep from * 5 times more), then work ** 1 sl st bet 5th and 6 th tr of rnd below, 7 picoted tr in next ch-1 lp, rep form ** 4 times more; join with 1 sl st worked in top of ch-3 and fasten off. Complete 63 (86) individual motifs in this way.

Motif assembly and finishing

Iron each motiv over press cloth, taking care to maintain correct size. Refer to respective motif arrangement diagram and sew join motifs with blind stitches. To form tiny sleeves, sew-join motifs marked with a cross. Fold piece along shoulder line with RS of front and back tog, weq-join 4 rows of motifs for side seams.