It's crochet time!! 

To make this beautiful short-sleeved blouse or jacket, we will weave 10 floral motifs and join them together in one piece: two rows of 5 motifs...

The ideal yarn is mercerized yarn or cotton thread approximately 500 g. The ideal is to make a sample of 10 x 10 cm or a floral pattern according to the crochet diagram, so that you can calculate how much material you will need.

The moulds to guide you are as follows. Starting from this mould you will have to adapt the measurements and the sleeve length of the garment, using your own measurements. If you make the mould in paper it will be much easier to assemble the garment as you weave it.

We are going to make 10 floral motifs and join them as we see in the following picture. After joining them in this way, we will have the lower part of the jacket or blouse formed, which forms the front parts with the back, making everything in one piece. 

When we have joined the rectangle with all the motifs, we will start weaving the upper part, that is, the front and back yoke.

The stitching used on the yoke and sleeves is made with pure rods and chains, in the best style of the crochet filet

The pattern is as follows:

1st row: 1 stick 1 chain, repeating along the whole row

2nd row: *3 rods 1 chain, 1 rod, 1 chain 1 rod 1 chain* and repeat from *to* until the row is complete. In this way we have squares left that form a draft of 3 empty cells and a full one

3rd row: *1 rod 1 chain 1 rod 1 chain 3 rods 1 chain* repeating over the whole row. You will have a draft as shown in the detail of the following picture:

Graphic patterns of floral motifs to make the jacket